About Wecommerce

Ecommerce being one of our business priorities, we aim to help our partners and stakeholders to easily access and USE our product assets+information either by consulting ready to use product pages, exporting Excel files or getting synchronized with APIs. 


We believe that empowering our partners’ websites and apps with accurate and high quality information is key to win together.

WECO (WECOMMERCE) is a unique platform built by Pernod Ricard for our partners to get our most comprehensive product information, up to date in real time. 


By leveraging the powerful Product Information Management (PIM) database and the advanced API technology, we aim to help our partners to find the right Pernod Ricard product info, to create their own custom product lists, to download product content and even to integrate information to their websites with API in the simplest and most efficient way.

There are generally two types of information available: 

  • Basic Content - Product pages: this is the equivalent of a physical bottle on the shelf. In each product page you will find the mandatory information every retailer should have on his website (Brand, Quality, Size, Product information, Manufacturer details, Product history, Ingredients, Consumption tips, etc.).
  • Rich Content: images, videos, and other more elaborated digital assets

All the products content displayed on WECO come from our PIM (Product Information Management) database which contains all the basic and rich contents of all Pernod Ricard products.

The WECO access is granted on a request basis and all our partners, either off trade (retailers, distributors, etc.) or on trade (restaurants, bars, night clubs, etc.) are eligible to make a request. 

Partners can make the request by themselves or a PR employee can request on behalf of the partner. The partner/PR employee visits the login page of WSS and fills in necessary information. If the request is approved, the partner shall receive an email with the link to activate the account.